Mohammad Raza

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Mohammad Raza
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Location: Bethesda, MD
Practice areas: Commercial banking

Mohammad Raza
Portfolio Manager


Mohammad Raza is a portfolio manager at EagleBank. The bank was founded on the realization that lending institutions were largely failing their communities because they were not part of them. With a desire to change that, EagleBank sought to set a new standard for banking. Over the years, the bank hopes to continue serving the people and businesses in its local community. Above all, EagleBank’s philosophy holds that decisions affecting the community are best made by the people living there, which is why all its loan officers and members of its loan committee are local.

Gina Merrit“My advisor was very patient with me during the real estate downturn. He made it easy for me to extend my loan based on the historical data I could provide that demonstrated years of success. He did not give up because I had a few difficult years. … He just worked with me to get to a point of stabilization and I am so grateful to him for doing that. I am now managing $750 million in development projects. I’m back on my way up and could not have made it to this side of the downturn if he had not been patient with me. His patience made the difference between staying in business and going out of business. I am forever grateful for his ability to see clearly my willingness to pay and my ability to recover from a few bad years — he relied on my character, and that is extremely refreshing.” – Gina Merritt, Principal, NREUV