Mitchell D. Weintraub

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Mitchell Weintraub

Location: Vienna, VA
Credentials: CPA
Practice areas: Outsourced accounting, recruiting, staffing and executive search

Mitchell D. Weintraub

Cordia Partners

“I am a humble leader who … always looks for the good in people,” says Mitchell D. Weintraub. “I truly believe in mentoring.” Over the years, Weintraub has helped introduce many young leaders to the community. At Cordia Partners, “we use our experience as professional accountants, business people and technology experts, coupled with modern business systems, to provide personalized solutions that work the way your business works,” he says.

QUICK TIP: “Build trusting, caring relationships. These relationships will result in personal and professional gains.”

“When CorSusan Skomaldia took over and we hired Mitch to be our CFO, we had never had a CFO before. We’re not a large nonprofit, but we’ve been growing. I’ve gone through a series of accountants who really just didn’t get our business. Mitch came in and immediately gave us the right people, who straightened things out. … Mitch also sits in on our board meetings and really helps clarify things for me and the board. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to him for advice — for just about everything there is. Since we’ve been with Cordia, we started a new project that required a lot of financial modeling. Having Mitch and Cordia on our team to help us review has been invaluable. … Every business is different, but ours is very hard to get your head around, and Mitch did it.” – Susan Skomal, President and CEO, BioOne