Manjit Singh

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Manjit Singh CPA PC
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Location: Falls Church, VA
Credentials: CPA
Practice areas: Traditional accounting services and specialized taxation issues (international and IRS problem resolution)

Manjit Singh

Manjit Singh CPA PC

“We like to prod our clients to think where they want to be in five, 10 years and come up with a roadmap to achieve that,” says Manjit Singh. At Singh’s firm, Manjit Singh CPA PC, his leadership style is hands-on. “Do not expect your team members to do things that you are not willing to do yourself,” he says. It’s necessary for leaders to have a basic understanding of processes so they can take the initiative in educating others and teaching them “tricks of the trade,” Singh adds. “On a personal level, I have encouraged any and all fresh graduates that have joined the firm in attaining CPA certification. Their success is a moment of pride for me.”

QUICK TIP: “When you say ‘problem,’ you become part of it. When you say ‘challenge,’ you become part of the solution.”

“Manjit Singh has been our trusted CPA for 12 years. He helped me form four companies [and] helped us with accounting, filing taxes and payroll systems. … Manjit Singh’s extensive knowledge about the tax system and committed service to his clients helped us execute our business consolidation. His tough and disciplined practice put us at ease and without trouble with respect to taxes. Manjit Singh is the most reliable advisor for my financial, accounting and
tax issues and planning.” – Mahesh Gorle, CEO, Dulles Health