Joshua Goldberg

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Joshua Goldberg
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Location: Alexandria, VA
Practice areas: Patent and trademark law

Joshua Goldberg

Nath, Goldberg & Meyer

“We take pride in responding to our clients within 24 hours of receiving a communication from them,” says Joshua Goldberg. “We also firmly believe in meeting with our clients as often as we can, at our cost, to maintain our existing relationships. While technology is wonderful, there is nothing that can replace the benefits provided by a face-to-face meeting.” Goldberg’s work and life are inspired by his family. “I saw first-hand how hard my father worked and how much he sacrificed to provide for his family, and I take great effort in doing the same for my family now,” he says. “When working late at night, or those times that I am not feeling my best, I only have to remember I work hard to take care of my family to allow me to push through and get the job done.”

QUICK TIP: “Do or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

Joseph Appelbaum“Josh is a dedicated and insightful patent and trade attorney. His counsel has been invaluable as we have navigated several trademark filings, and was instrumental in seeing ‘through the trees’ at a specific opportunity that resulted in a win for our company. He has become a friend, and having the combination of a trusted advisor and friend who looks out for you and your business is priceless. Josh has improved our legal efficiencies by being highly strategic
in our approach to securing trademarks.”
Joseph Appelbaum, President and CEO, Potomac Companies