J. Patrick McMahon

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J. Patrick McMahon
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Location: Reston, VA
Practice areas: Corporate and public contracting

J. Patrick McMahon

McMahon, Welch and Learned, PLLC

“Individuals who take the risk and successfully establish small businesses are constant sources of inspiration to me,” says J. Patrick McMahon. “Their courage, commitment, optimism and sacrifice are simply astounding to me. I think that they do not often realize what has been accomplished.” For several years, McMahon has been mentoring former military service members and government staff who are interested in starting businesses.

QUICK TIP: “When starting out, be very careful about giving up equity, because the team that helps you grow to $5 million likely will not be the same team that takes you to $25 million.”

mattapalli_ram_dceo_coi_web_headshot_16“Pat has represented Zolon Tech for approximately 10 years and has been especially skillful at guiding us through our government contract growth. … He has helped me deal with unexpected situations that sometimes seemed to challenge the survival of the company. He was always steady and offered me sound counsel. I have found him to be extraordinarily skilled and reliable in dealing with government authorities and also with large prime and subcontractors. He never shows anxiety and, when the heat is on, he is usually the one to calm the situation and to help my staff regroup. … My entire management staff holds him in very high regard.– Ram Mattapalli, CEO, Zolon Tech