Elizabeth L. Lewis

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Elizabeth L. Lewis
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Location: Reston, VA
Practice areas: Labor and employment law, litigation

Elizabeth L. Lewis

Cooley LLP

“Clients come to us with business problems, not ‘legal’ problems,” says Elizabeth L. Lewis. “My Cooley LLP colleagues and I are proactive business partners who work seamlessly as part of our clients’ teams to achieve their business goals.” Lewis has a special interest in helping junior members of the firm grow into successful attorneys and partners. “I serve each summer as a mentor to a summer associate,” she says. In particular, Lewis works with other female leaders at Cooley to mentor and train young women entering the firm.

QUICK TIP: “Character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success.” – John Hays Hammond

rebecca shambaugh“Elizabeth has been an extraordinary leader within and outside her company when it comes to increasing the voice of women in the workforce, while supporting the development and mentoring of aspiring female leaders. Elizabeth has engaged as an adjunct faculty in SHAMBAUGH’s Women in Leadership and Learning (WILL) program, which is a nationally recognized institute for female leadership. Elizabeth has shared her wisdom and practical advice with hundreds of inspiring female leaders, which has made a positive difference in the growth and advancement of their careers. Elizabeth is also the lead in her firm for creating a women’s initiative that has provided the right guidance, development and networks for up-and-coming women. … Elizabeth has a mastery of her profession in employment law and is highly respected in the legal and business community.– Rebecca Shambaugh, Partner, SHAMBAUGH Leadership