David A. Oblon

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David A. Oblon

Location: Arlington, VA
Practice areas: Civil litigation and criminal defense

David A. Oblon
Managing Partner

Albo & Oblon, LLP

David A. Oblon’s approach to client service is simple: “I win a lot of cases. Clients love that!” In addition to his work at Albo & Oblon, LLP, Oblon is a court-appointed part-time trial judge and a Justice of the
Peace for weddings.

QUICK TIP: “Opportunity can knock only if you have a door for it to knock on.”

bose_sudeep_dceo_coi_web_headshot_16“In 2016, our law firm was sued for discrimination by an attorney who had left the firm. … David started working on the case and, through the discovery process, he realized that … the lawsuit was frivolous and the litigant pressing the suit didn’t have any sort of a chance at trial in front of a jury. David pressed him during the discovery process quite strenuously and the case against the firm started falling apart based on David’s strategy. … On the day scheduled for the jury trial, the plaintiff dropped his lawsuit. … Our mandates in the litigation were twofold. First, unrelenting aggression as far as the defense of the case, which David’s firm did flawlessly. The second was a mandate for no settlement. We were not going to settle this lawsuit for any amount whatsoever, because it would set the wrong precedent and go against the fabric and culture of the firm in treating all of its employees fairly. David upheld both those mandates, understood the mindset of the members of the firm, and upheld the interest of the firm beautifully. The lawsuit was dropped with prejudice and we could not be happier.” – Sudeep Bose, Principal Attorney, Bose Law Firm PLLC