Aileen A. Pisciotta

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Aileen A. Pisciotta
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Location: Herndon, VA
Practice areas: Corporate commercial and transactions, telecommunications

Aileen A. Pisciotta

Executive Counsel, PLC

“I love my current law practice because it allows me to work so closely with business owners and their employees,” says Aileen A. Pisciotta. “I try very hard to make a personal connection and ensure that my work helps them.” Pisciotta aims to base her advice on what clients really need, rather than what they say they want. “To do that, I need to fully understand not only what my client’s business is and what the client wants to achieve, but also who my client is,” she says. “I try to understand their passions, their fears, their strengths and their weaknesses.”

QUICK TIP: “I always try to put myself in my clients’ shoes, and treat them as I would like to be treated by my lawyer.”

kathy cox“A client’s attorney sent us their contract to sign before starting work. It was standard, boilerplate language written to protect their best interest, with no protection for us as the vendor. Our attorney, Aileen Pisciotta, not only recognized the lack of protection in the contract, but worked with [the client’s] attorney to write a contract that protected both of our interests and was mutually agreeable. It was a win-win resolution for both parties, not only allowing us to begin work on schedule, but also demonstrating that we were a cooperative, collaborative vendor who kept the client’s best interests in mind. As our corporate attorney for five years, Aileen Pisciotta … has made sure our company has the right legal protections in place to grow.” – Kathy Cox, Crew Chief, Harmony Crew