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Location: McLean, VA
Founded: 2003
Industry: Technology and professional services

Willow Marr

M2 Strategy

Willow Marr spent several years practicing law in California before becoming a policy advisor with the Department of Energy, helping to clean up nuclear waste sites. “As a civil servant, I worked with many different consulting firms, and as a lawyer, I provided services to various clients,” she says. “Both of these experiences led me to start M2 Strategy — with the founding vision to deliver consulting services better than other companies and to create a work environment in which all employees could thrive and be nurtured.”

Quick Tip: “My leadership style is based on being fair and never expecting more from my executive team or employees than I would ask of myself.”

Over the years, juggling her various roles as leader, wife and mother has shaped Marr. “Struggling to find this work-life balance has made me a more compassionate president and [made me] understand my team’s need for balance,” she says.

M2 Strategy’s charity and community support focuses on children and women’s programs. For example, the company supports Calvary Women’s Services and Doorways for Women and Families. “I am always actively involved in a local school in my community, where I volunteer weekly and speak regarding women in leadership,” says Marr. M2 Strategy also supports the organizations its employees choose to raise money for.