Tracey L. Gersh, Ph.D.

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Location: Gaithersburg, MD
Founded: 2013
Industry: Healthcare

Tracey L. Gersh, Ph.D.

Casey Health Institute

EVP and COO Tracey L. Gersh joined the Casey Health Institute (CHI) in August 2014, approximately 18 months after the institute opened its doors. At the time, CHI had approximately 30 employees, a little more than 2,000 patients, and was on track to reach 10,000 visits across the medical practice and wellness center. Just over a year later, CHI counted 41 employees and had more than doubled the number of patients.

Quick Tip: “My schedule is available to everyone in the organization, at every level, so they know when I might be available.”

CHI’s growth has been the result of an effective team, says Gersh. “One of the first actions in my role was to assess the infrastructure and fill key roles that would move us toward high-performing teams,” she says. This involved creating new leadership and support positions, as well as bringing some functions — including IT — in-house to reduce the cost of outsourcing.

Gersh also has helped CHI plan for its future, focusing the company’s attention on developing annual operating plans for each department that tie directly into a three-year strategic plan. “This process included teaching managers about the purpose of such plans, their components, and helping them create meaningful goals, objectives and milestones for measuring their progress throughout the year,” she says.