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Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 2004
Industry: Real estate

Tessa Edison
VP of Operations and President of Business Development

Answer Title

From site development and project management services to a division that offers full-service title and escrow services, Answer Title provides services throughout the complete cycle of a property transaction. “Real estate can be a very money-driven industry. Because of that, I have found that there is a segment of the population that gets ignored,” says Tessa Edison, VP of operations and president of business development at Answer Title. As a result, she says, “I emerged as the face of Answer Title’s commitment to affordable housing.”

Fun Fact: Edison is an active volunteer with a number of organizations, including The National Society of Black Engineers.

The process of buying a home can be time-consuming and complex for those who need affordable housing, notes Edison. “This stigmatizes them to the point where some realtors, lenders and title companies will not
work with them,” she says. “I believe that through education of the process, more would be open to serving that segment. I made sure that our firm has done just that.”

Edison helped lead Answer Title through the recession by suggesting ways to diversify the business and taking on more roles at the company, spending nights and weekends networking, drumming up new business, and looking for ways to grow the brand.