Tanaia Parker

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Location: Sterling, VA
Founded: 2004
Industry: Professional services

Tanaia Parker
President and CEO

T. White Parker Associates, Incorporated

T. White Parker Associates, Incorporated is a strategy and management consulting firm. President and CEO Tanaia Parker’s founding vision was to build a company that employees, clients and partners would be proud to be associated with, and that holds quality in higher regard than numbers.

Fun Fact: Parker is actively involved in Girl Scouts and has been a troop leader for the past four years.

“I have had challenges separating my heart for people from the business of people management,” says Parker. “From this, I have learned to deal with very sensitive and touchy situations directly, but with humanity and empathy, which usually diffuses a tough situation and often brings about a positive outcome.” At the same time, Parker’s commitment to being present as a mother and wife “results in very little sleep and the constant battle of priorities,” she says. “I’ve learned the importance of taking care of myself by listening to my body, delegating or just simply saying ‘no.’”

Parker makes it a point to get to know all employees as soon as they join T. White Parker. “I care and invest in their professional growth within and outside the firm,” she says. “My door is always open. I lead by example and transparency and hold myself to a higher standard because our employees and clients deserve it.”