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Location: Purcellville, VA
Founded: 2012
Industry: Professional services

Stephanie Alexander

BOOST and govmates

BOOST provides government-compliant back-office operational support and business advice for a variety of companies. “Our passion is to mentor every small business to propel successfully into the competitive arena,” says president Stephanie Alexander. In February 2016, she co-founded the nonprofit govmates, a matching service for government contractors interested in teaming on opportunities.

Quick Tip:  “[My] challenges have taught me to focus my time on the things that are critical for me to do, and to become exceptional at delegating other (also important) tasks.”

“Launching at the worst time in the industry in more than 20 years, with zero pipeline, zero consultants and no clients, BOOST was built on relationships, hard work and perseverance,” says Alexander. “I went the first three years without a salary.” As a result of this experience, she says, she understands the struggles of small business owners. “I understand the long hours, hard work, dedication and missed family events that it takes to be successful in business. This has made me both scrappy and determined, but also understanding and sympathetic toward my clients.”

Alexander considers mentorship one of the more important aspects of leadership. “I demonstrate leadership both within and beyond the workplace through the active mentoring that I provide my employees, as well as professionals that I come into contact with through my network,” says Alexander. “I actively help them grow and be successful in their careers and lives.”