Shelia S. Newman

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Location: Falls Church, VA
Founded: 2002
Industry: Government contracting

Shelia S. Newman

New Editions Consulting, Inc.

“When I started New Editions Consulting, Inc., I imagined a company that focused on balancing work and life for all employees — disabled included,” says president Shelia S. Newman. “New Editions is a diverse company by design, with inclusivity and accessibility at the core of who we are and what we do every day.”

Fun Fact: “I grew up on a small farm in West Virginia with three older brothers and a very strong father figure. To maneuver among those four assertive males, I learned to communicate effectively, take risks, be strategic to get what I needed, and become very good at dealing with conflict.”

Newman’s leadership style includes taking a personal interest in each employee, such as by sending birthday cards to their homes. “I fund a family picnic, happy hours, a holiday party, friendly competitions and opportunities to support charities,” she says. “When the government shut down in 2013, I found work for every employee. How could I not? I know their families and I knew they needed their paychecks.”

Having seen a number of small businesses fail due to unsustainable growth rates, Newman implemented a strategy that enables New Editions to grow in revenue and staffing each year, while staying focused on results, service and culture. “Our purposeful business development strategy identifies new opportunities that leverage and enhance our corporate experience and the skills of our current staff,” while still allowing the company to create new positions, says Newman.