Sharon D. Virts

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Location: Ashburn, VA
Founded: 1991
Industry: Professional services

Sharon D. Virts
Founder and CEO

FCi Federal

FCi Federal is a government-services firm operating in 43 states and territories and out of 128 offices nationwide. The company processes tens of thousands of constituent applications for government services and benefits daily, and specializes in providing background-vetting services and fraud research analysis.

Quick Tip: “I make it a priority to build a relationship with the workforce to establish trust in leadership, confidence in the company, and to gain support for the company’s vision.” 

Under the leadership of founder and CEO Sharon D. Virts, FCi Federal has seen significant growth over the last 25 years. Since 2007 alone, the company has grown from 35 employees to nearly 5,000. The company holds major contracts with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security, Department of State and Department of Justice. “My primary job as CEO is to ensure the organization stays focused on our core business and on the mission success of our customers,” says Virts. “This approach has served us well in driving market dominance in our target markets.”

FCi Federal hasn’t always been a government contractor. Initially, the company consulted with IT contractors to help them win business in the federal market. When a series of mergers and acquisitions dramatically shrank FCi Federal’s client base, Virts decided after a few false starts to enter the competition for several large immigration services contracts. “That pivotal decision led to the turning point for FCi Federal’s transformation, expansion and breakout revenue growth,” she says.