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Location: Arlington, VA
Founded: 1998
Industry: Professional services

Shannon Murphy
Principal and SVP of Production

Chapman Cubine + Hussey

Chapman Cubine + Hussey (CCH) is a multi-channel, direct-marketing agency. “As SVP of CCH’s production department, my efforts have been a major factor in the agency winning numerous direct marketing industry awards,” says Shannon Murphy, who is also a principal at CCH. For example, the agency has won 24 MAXI awards from the Direct Marketing Association of Washington (DMAW) for managing the production aspect of projects for AARP, Amnesty International, the Democratic National Committee, and others.

Fun Fact: Murphy is a longtime DMAW member and volunteer. In 2013, she received her second DMAW Volunteer of the Year award.

The production department’s most notable cost-saving achievements include helping an advocacy client save $2.67 million and a national political organization save more than $22 million over a four-year period. “While developing print materials for CCH clients’ direct-marketing campaigns, I saw a recurring opportunity for our firm and our clients: offering the full breadth of production services as a separate business line,” says Murphy. “In 2013, I recommended starting a company that offered production services to nonprofit organizations.” Murphy developed a business plan that was approved, resulting in a company called Quality, Cost and Time Productions.

“I strive to be an inspiration to departmental employees and to lead by example,” says Murphy. “I share the insights gained in more than 20 years of production experience whenever I can, but particularly when collaborating on projects or solving complex challenges. I feel it is my responsibility to instill confidence in employees and empower them by allowing them to take the initiative on clients’ projects.”