Sampriti Julie Ganguli

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Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 2005
Industry: Professional services

Sampriti Julie Ganguli

Arabella Advisors

“Arabella Advisors was founded 11 years ago on the premise that philanthropists, people who had done great work and achieved great success, were great at making money but weren’t always very strategic when they wanted to give money away,” says CEO Sampriti Julie Ganguli. “Our mission is to help philanthropists achieve the greatest good with their resources — to be more strategic in terms of the impact that they want to achieve.”

Quick Tip: “I think good leaders help move their companies beyond incremental progress, and help define a larger vision for what is achievable.” 

Founder Eric Kessler and co-principal Bruce Boyd decided that after a decade of managing the business successfully, they wanted to bring in a new CEO to scale and grow the company — that’s when Ganguli became part of the team. During her tenure, she scaled back Arabella Advisors’ benefits costs to set the company on a more sustainable path.

“As a woman — and as a minority woman in particular — I did not have a lot of role models who looked like me,” says Ganguli. “So I spend a disproportionate amount of my free time mentoring or providing counsel to basically any young woman or man who reaches out to me and asks for advice. I talk to a number of early-stage and mid-stage career seekers who are looking for an objective perspective.”