Patrina M. Clark

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Location: Greenbelt, MD
Founded: 2011
Industry: Professional services

Patrina M. Clark

Pivotal Practices Consulting LLC

While working at four different federal agencies, Patrina M. Clark witnessed first-hand “the challenges experienced by dedicated public servants in feeling good about their chosen professions and the organizations they serve,” she says. She found that the vast majority of those challenges had to do with internal leadership and processes, and believed she could help solve them.

Fun Fact: Clark has held leadership positions at the Government Accountability Office, Federal Election Commission, Department of the Navy and IRS.

Like most new businesses, Pivotal Practices Consulting LLC initially experienced growing pains. “The first two years were financially challenging because of sequestration and budget constraints, making it necessary to liquidate my retirement account to keep my entrepreneurial vision alive,” says Clark. Clark persevered, and Pivotal Practices achieved 1,600 percent growth from 2014 to 2015.

Clark has been an adult literacy advocate since 1984, when she first worked as a tutor. In addition to serving as the chair of the board of directors for Academy of Hope Adult Public Charter School, Clark has also served as a volunteer instructor working directly with the school’s adult learners. “A total of 22 learners completed the volunteer program, which was remarkable given the challenges these adults faced,” she says.