Lisa Marsh Ryerson

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Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 1961
Industry: Nonprofit

Lisa Marsh Ryerson

AARP Foundation

“The core of our mission is to give struggling older adults a voice, to make them visible and to give them the opportunity to thrive,” says Lisa Marsh Ryerson, president of AARP Foundation. As part of that mission, the foundation works to ensure that low-income older adults have nutritious food, affordable housing, a steady income and strong social bonds.

Fun Fact: Ryerson serves as a board member for L.A. Kitchen, which helps older men and women gain job skills.

AARP Foundation offers a variety of programs, including Fre$h Savings, which encourages SNAP recipients through coupon incentives to buy more fresh fruits and vegetables, and Mentor Up, where 15- to 24-year-olds help older adults learn technology so they can stay connected with family and friends. In addition, AARP Foundation provides employment assistance for those age 50 and older, in the form of skills training and community-service programs.

Managing a wide variety of projects at once is nothing new to Marsh Ryerson. She joined AARP Foundation after serving 18 years as president and CEO of Wells College, where she led campus-improvement initiatives and contributed to the revitalization of commercial properties in the local village of Aurora, NY.