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Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 1994
Industry: Technology

Lisa Alferieff

TCG, Inc.

TCG, Inc. is a small federal-government IT consulting company. As COO, Lisa Alferieff is responsible for the operation and growth of a large portfolio of projects. She works with TCG project managers and customers in some of the most important civilian agencies in government to design programs and build teams addressing missions of national and international importance.

Fun Fact: When Alferieff was first offered the role of COO, she rejected it to focus on the arrival of her second child.

Within TCG, Alferieff is the driving force behind the Women Who Tech series. In this series, she leads discussion on items related to women who work in technology, mentoring newer generations of female consultants, developers and executives, and providing them with the lessons learned of the most senior executives in the company. Alferieff has overseen a three-fold increase in TCG’s staff, from 30 employees to more than 100, playing a central role in the definition of personnel needs and each individual’s hiring. For one client, Alferieff helped assemble a team that created a website used by the public to examine the government’s spending in particular areas.

Alferieff is an active member of a Parent Teacher Organization. She volunteers 30 hours per year to support fundraisers and act as a liaison between teachers and other parents. Last year, she helped the school reach its goal of raising $100,000. As a parent-teacher liaison, Alferieff coordinates classroom events and ensures that teachers have everything they need from parents, such as supplies and snacks for the children.