Laurie Freeman

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Location: Clifton, VA
Founded: 2011
Industry: IT services

Laurie Freeman

American Cyber, Inc.

Laurie Freeman, COO of American Cyber, Inc., has been active in business and technology organizations for more than 25 years, including board service with the Maryland Chamber of Commerce and the Business Alliance of George Mason University. Freeman has always made it a priority to share her expertise and business acumen with new entrepreneurs, and has mentored more than 20 emerging technology companies.

Fun Fact: Since Freeman joined the company, she has limited employee turnover to an average of 10 percent.

Although Freeman has the standard responsibilities of a COO, her role goes beyond them as well. She is responsible for American Cyber’s day-to-day operations, including management of client relations, external partnerships and operational personnel. In addition, she works closely with other senior managers on developing company-wide processes and procedures and setting standards for all American Cyber functions.

When she joined American Cyber, Freeman immediately reached out to the company’s clients. She conducted visits or conference calls with every client, ensuring all contractual requirements were met. These quarterly visits and calls not only generated goodwill among clients, but also helped Freeman become aware of any emerging issues before they turned into a crisis. In addition, she initiated several programs to reach out to employees and enhance morale. For example, Freeman purchased American Cyber-branded items — pens, shirts, hat and lanyards — and distributed them to all employees. She also initiated a monthly staff call for operational personnel and expanded the quarterly newsletter to include articles on new employees, as well as an “Employee Profile.”