Kathy Curtis

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Location: Rockville, MD
Founded: 1999
Industry: Financial services

Kathy Curtis
EVP and Chief Risk/Compliance Officer

Capital Bank N.A.

Capital Bank N.A. offers a range of commercial services to corporate clients. In her role as EVP and chief risk/compliance officer, Kathy Curtis has made her mark by finding solutions to situations that meet both the bank’s business needs and the relevant regulatory requirements. Rather than just saying “no” to new initiatives, Curtis has enabled Capital Bank to expand into residential lending and credit cards, as well as new marketing channels and new geographies, even as other banks have scaled back. 

Fun Fact: Over the past three years, Capital Bank has experienced double-digit asset growth.

Curtis’ approach to working in the regulatory field has not only benefited Capital Bank, but has been adopted by other regional and community banks nationwide. She has been recognized by several of the regulating agencies who use her direct work as a demonstration and example for what other financial institutions should adopt. When Curtis first joined Capital Bank in 2002, it was a startup. Now, her team has grown to more than 20 professionals, as well as a host of third-party auditors and consultants.

“Kathy is fearless in her pursuit of improving our company,” says Ed Barry, CEO of Capital Bank. “She holds a very high bar for herself, for her team and colleagues, and pushes them to be better. There are countless times where Kathy’s dogged persistence on a topic has helped the bank avoid severe problems, and I often read about other companies’ woes because they did not have someone as good as Kathy in place.”