Glenda L. MacMullin

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Location: Arlington, VA
Founded: 1924
Industry: Nonprofit

Glenda L. MacMullin

Consumer Technology Association

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)has 2,200 member companies within the consumer technology industry. “I joined CTA in April 2004 as CFO and was hired to strengthen the financial reporting and controls for the association,” says Glenda L. MacMullin, who also serves as COO. “Over the years, I took on more management responsibility.” In the 12 years MacMullin has been with CTA, the association has experienced a 50-percent increase in member revenue.

Quick Tip: “Work to find solutions to problems and issues when presented, rather than saying it can’t be done.”

In 2013, MacMullin was involved in negotiating the purchase of a building on Capitol Hill that was remodeled and named the Innovation House. The Innovation House has held more than 75 events since its opening in December 2014, including political fundraisers, policy briefings, coalition meetings, lobby days and CTA member company events.

As one of the leaders of CTA, MacMullin makes it a point to set the appropriate tone and example for everyone within the organization. “A good leader is someone who demonstrates a strong work ethic, is open and honest, and is not afraid to admit that they don’t know everything,” she says.