Fran Craig

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Location: Dulles, VA
Founded: 1988
Industry: Technology

Fran Craig
Founder and CEO


Unanet was established as a professional services company in 1988. Ten years into the business, a customer was in need of timely data that reflected hours worked on projects. “With my background in programming and business management, I created the idea of a web-based timesheet to provide the hours worked in real time,” says founder and CEO Fran Craig. That timesheet became the foundation of Unanet’s enterprise-resource-planning solution.

Quick Tip: “I demonstrate leadership by focusing not just on the bottom line and product sales, but on the employees working at Unanet.”

Since last September, Unanet has hired 30 new employees, and the company now employs 100 people. This has created some challenges around maintaining its culture. “We are hiring employees by determining how they would fit in with our culture, based on their personality, attitude and energy,” says Craig. “Additionally, we have added many new activities to foster the familial bond with so many new hires.”

“Unanet believes in an interconnectedness with the community around us, and we work to support and create strong relationships with organizations that are devoted to positive change,” says Craig. “In this spirit, all employees have 16 hours annually to dedicate to a charity of their choice.”