Dr. Emily Feistritzer

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Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 2012
Industry: eLearning and education

Dr. Emily Feistritzer
Founder and CEO


Teach-Now offers a nine-month post-baccalaureate teacher-preparation certificate program and multiple 12-month master’s degree programs. Master’s candidates can choose between a degree with a focus on globalization of education or a focus on education research. “Today’s students need excited and passionate teachers who know how to learn online [and] use collaborative technologies.” says Teach-Now founder and CEO Dr. Emily Feistritzer.

Fun Fact: “We have created several strategic global partnerships that expanded our presence to Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.” 

Feistritzer’s big goal for Teach-Now is to scale up so the organization can prepare 10,000 new teachers over the next five years. “To get there, I have set in motion the hiring of key leaders in the e-learning, distance learning and educational community in the U.S. and globally,” she says.

“In support of teacher preparation, I have testified before Congress and several state legislatures, briefed members of presidential administrations, delivered numerous speeches, and authored scores of reports and articles in professional journals,” says Feistritzer. “My work has been widely covered in the media and is used by policy- and decision-makers at all levels in education.”