Denise Garcia Van Wyngaardt

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Location: Reston, VA
Founded: 2001
Industry: Technology

Denise Garcia Van Wyngaardt

Indigo IT

“We know our defense, federal and civilian customers have critical IT infrastructures that must remain reliable, available and maximized,” says Denise Garcia Van Wyngaardt, CEO of Indigo IT. To stay ahead of the curve, the company encourages employees to hone their skills through its Service Delivery Academy.

Fun Fact: Indigo IT sponsors Great Falls Rugby, a youth club that plays with teams in the Rugby Virginia League.

In 2013, Indigo IT was set to graduate from the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) program. The company faced the challenge of growing in a new environment, as well as uncertainty around the federal budget. “We realized that it was time to make major changes in regards to our operational management,” says Van Wyngaardt. Indigo IT invested heavily in business development and key partnerships with other companies. “While reorganizing a company is a daunting task, our investment paid off. In 2013, our revenue grew by nearly 150 percent,” says Van Wyngaardt.

Indigo IT has a charitable-giving board, which actively looks for ways to give back, both in terms of financial support and donated time. “Additionally, we’re currently planning to implement a charitable-service program, allowing employees time off for their contributions to community service,” says Van Wyngaardt.