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Location: Reston, VA
Founded: 2006
Industry: Technology

Beth Hiatt

Unissant, Inc.

Unissant, Inc. provides advanced data analytics to help clients meet business goals. As COO, Beth Hiatt is accountable for the company’s business and financial performance objectives, including revenue growth, profitability, cash generation, program performance, customer satisfaction, technology development, operational improvements and talent development.

Quick Tip: “If each day, you can say that you have made the best decisions on behalf of the company and yourself, you can rest easy.”

In 2013, Hiatt suffered a broken neck and leg in a car accident. At the time, she was an executive at a large financial services firm. As she transitioned back into her work life, she started to become more sensitive to the different ways people interacted. As a result, she adopted a philosophy to help her ensure each day would be productive and positive. It is comprised of five key points, including thanking those who help you through challenging times, and not making time for negativity.

Within the first month of her tenure at Unissant, Hiatt went on a listening tour with employees and clients. She assessed the common themes and developed a plan to begin to address them. One of her first tasks was to create the concept of “people management.” This was put in place to provide a consistent manager-and-employee relationship focusing on regular communication, discussion of career paths and training opportunities.