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Location: Arlington, VA
Founded: 2010
Industry: Technology

Amina Elgouacem
President and CEO


NEOSTEK, Inc. is a technology provider with expertise in the design, development and deployment of mission-critical systems at the departments of State, Justice and Homeland Security, and the Library of Congress. “When I see a challenge, I see an opportunity to do something greater,” says Amina Elgouacem, president and CEO of NEOSTEK.

Fun Fact: Elgouacem is a member of startup incubator Eastern Foundry, and spends time mentoring other small businesses there.

Elgouacem started NEOSTEK when she was in her late 20s. “I had a lot of challenges … being a younger woman in a predominantly male world. I was not taken seriously a lot of times,” she says. “It was thanks to the very few who saw my potential, who believed in me, or the ones who gave me an opportunity, that I was able to make it.”

“Even though I am the owner, president and CEO of the company, I work as an integrated part of my teams,” says Elgouacem. “I roll up my sleeves with my employees and provide direction and vision for the projects we are working on.” This leadership style, she says, helps her learn more about each employee’s strengths and weaknesses. “Once I recognize that, I can better leverage those strengths and make them fit into the team in the best way possible. … When each person feels they are doing something right and doing it really well, it boosts morale.”