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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 1987
Industry: Financial services

Wescott Financial Advisory Group LLC

Grant Rawdin
Founder and CEO

Committing to wellness: Wescott Financial Advisory Group LLC started its wellness program when the firm’s leadership observed how many team members were health- and fitness-minded and athletic. “Staff enjoyed supporting each other in various personal fitness activities and often got together outside work to exercise and compete in sports,” says founder and CEO Grant Rawdin. “We thought it would be beneficial to bring together these combined interests in a wellness program where team members could have fun with each other while accomplishing personal health goals.”

FUN FACT: “We have challenges throughout the year and invite guest speakers in to share their talents and knowledge.”

Special perks: Wescott provides all participants in its walking program with a Fitbit that tracks every part of an employee’s day. “We have a very competitive staff, so we have some real fun in our firm,” says Rawdin. “In 2016, we are participating in the WELCOA On The Move challenge, which focuses on moving more and sitting less, and teaches lifestyle habits that improve health.”

Solid results: “The shift in our culture has been so impactful in how staff feel about themselves and the workplace,” says Rawdin. “Many staff members have openly shared how pleased they are with their increased activity.”