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Location: West Chester, PA
Founded: 2008
Industry: Healthcare

Wellworks For You

Thomas M. Tegler

Committing to wellness: “As a corporate-wellness management company, we believe you should practice what you preach,” says Thomas M. Tegler, president of Wellworks For You. Through its wellness program, the company hopes to get employees acquainted with key numbers related to their health and how they can move those numbers in a positive direction.

FUN FACT: In 2015, four of Wellworks For You’s employees quit smoking.

Special perks: Wellworks For You runs a point-based program. Employees earn wellness points throughout the year, for example by attending on-site preventive screenings, competing in a 5K, completing online learning modules or attending a lunch-and-learn. However, to qualify for the program, employees must first complete several mandatory steps. Those steps require them to get their annual physical, submit their results through the company’s custom wellness portal and then complete an assessment. The results of the physical and the assessment generate a report that lets employees know the top five conditions they might be at risk of.

Solid results: Wellworks For You’s wellness portal offers personalization, incentive tracking, wireless-device integration, a wellness library, a health coaching dashboard, gamification, digital learning modules, employee wellness discounts, an online appointment system for on-site events and much more. The portal also generates targeted email and text reminders. “It makes participating in and understanding our program much simpler,” says Tegler.