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Location: Wyomissing, PA
Founded: 1999
Industry: Healthcare


Carl “CJ” Joyner

Ira Tauber

Committing to wellness: “It’s not a secret that employees who eat healthy meals and exercise on a regular basis enhance their productivity and lower absenteeism, but playtime also factors into lowering stress and boosting enthusiasm,” says Carl “CJ” Joyner, CEO of TRIOSE, Inc.

FUN FACT: During a month-long charity event last September, TRIOSE employees walked 4,104 miles and raised more than $3,758.

Special perks: TRIOSE’s employees are located across the country, but through planned call-in events, the company makes sure everyone has a chance to participate. In addition, TRIOSE has launched a tobacco-cessation program and adopted its first tobacco-free workplace policy. The company has also implemented “No Email Friday.” The purpose of the program is to discourage employees from emailing their coworkers on Fridays, so they will instead get up and walk to communicate.

Solid results: TRIOSE had greater than 95-percent attendance at its voluntary biometric screening event in March 2016. Compared to last year’s screening, TRIOSE experienced a four-percent reduction of employees who were at high risk for hypertension, a 15-percent reduction of employees who were at high risk for hyperlipidemia, and a 10-percent reduction of employees who had a BMI in the obese range.