The Food Trust

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 1992
Industry: Nonprofit

The Food Trust

Yael Lehmann
Executive Director

Committing to wellness:
The Food Trust works to improve access to food in Philadelphia’s underserved neighborhoods. As an extension of that mission, the nonprofit supports healthy choices for staff members as well. “Three years ago, we created an official wellness group to focus on increasing health promotion activities and to evaluate staff receptivity and interests, to ensure the initiative was employee-driven,” says Yael Lehmann, executive director of The Food Trust.

FUN FACT: One of The Food Trust’s new initiatives, “#TakeBackLunch,” is a social marketing campaign aimed at encouraging employees to eat lunch with their co-workers, away from their desks.

Special perks: The Food Trust offers an incentive program to encourage participation in wellness-related events. Lunch is provided for lunch-and-learn attendees and, a few times per year, staff members receive other incentives for participating, such as free water bottles or salad containers. Every time employees participate in a wellness initiative, they receive a raffle ticket. Tickets are drawn four times a year, with the winner being able to choose from prizes such as a Fitbit Zip, a massage, or a Blue Apron meal.

Solid results: In a recent employee survey, 78 percent said they loved the idea of having a healthy office and were enthusiastic about the wellness program. The Food Trust’s programs achieve high participation rates, with three-quarters of staff reporting they have attended a lunch-and-learn, and 66 percent saying they’ve attended a salad party.