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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 1919
Industry: Experiential marketing


Scott Tarte

Committing to wellness: “Our main goal in starting the wellness committee was to create happier, healthier employees, ultimately reducing turnover and insurance claims,” says Scott Tarte, CEO of Sparks. “Our employees are a diverse, talented bunch whose creative juices flow best when given the opportunity to participate in non-traditional company activities, such as lawn games and mini-golf tournaments.”

FUN FACT: About 90 percent of Sparks’ employee population participates in the company’s lunch program at least once a week.

Special perks: At Sparks, meetings are followed by foosball or pool tournaments, cooking competitions or social hours. Open and private areas are scattered about the agency’s office for meetings, relaxation and work, along with various gaming areas and places to eat. Sparks’ Philadelphia office has a walking trail ideal for lunchtime strolls or staff meetings. Standing desks are available for those who want them, and the company wellness committee regularly issues well-being challenges so employees stay active. A $5 lunch program lets staff members select from hot menu items as well as a stocked salad and fruit bar.

Solid results: Employees at Sparks have reported numerous benefits from switching to standing desks, including increased mental alertness, more productive work hours, and a greater inclination to take a few minutes and walk around. The agency’s Philadelphia office has a lunchtime walking group, which takes 30 minutes around noon to enjoy the outdoors. “Many departments also choose to hold walking meetings,” says Tarte.