Smart Park, Inc. & Expresspark, Inc.

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Location: Essington, PA
Founded: 1994
Industry: Professional services

Smart Park, Inc. & Expresspark, Inc.

Stephanie Kozak-Allen
President (Expresspark, Inc.)
Vice President (Smart Park, Inc.)

Committing to wellness: Smart Park, Inc. & Expresspark, Inc. started a wellness program “to educate existing employees to make healthier choices for themselves and their families,” says Stephanie Kozak-Allen, president of Expresspark and vice president of Smart Park. The companies also hope to achieve increased productivity and performance, further improve retention rates and boost job satisfaction.

FUN FACT: Smart Park and Expresspark employees often eat lunch together at their desks and share either a healthy choice they made for themselves or their families, or a challenge they are facing.

Special perks: Smart Park and Expresspark provide self-help books and magazines, offer personal growth seminars to staff at no charge, and host weekly lunch meetings to discuss individual challenges and wins. “We recently purchased an ancillary building and, once we get the proper approvals, we will be adding a small fitness area with a treadmill, stair climber and cafe area to meet and eat, not to mention make smoothies,” says Kozak-Allen.

Solid results: “We are excited to see that our employees are pumped up and want to learn how to get healthier inside and out,” says Kozak-Allen. “Our wellness program has seen a combined weight loss of more than 150 pounds.”