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Location: Malvern, PA
Founded: 1990
Industry: Manufacturing

Saint-Gobain Corporation

Susan Nutson
Senior Vice President – Human Resources

Committing to wellness: LiveWell, Saint-Gobain Corporation’s wellness program, began in 2005 and is designed to help employees and their families make positive, impactful changes, such as decreasing the risk of serious disease and improving long-term quality of life. All employees are eligible to participate in the program. Staff members as well as their spouses or domestic partners can earn credits toward lower medical premiums and health-reimbursement account contributions by engaging in a variety of wellness activities.

FUN FACT: LiveWell was initially met with some skepticism from employees, but after the introduction of a website and sustained promotion, participation surged from 16 percent to more than 50 percent. 

Special perks: The LiveWell tobacco-cessation reimbursement program covers up to 75 percent of the cost of eligible support groups and nicotine-replacement products, with an annual limit of $250 for those who have individual coverage or have opted out of insurance, and $500 for those with spouse or family coverage. LiveWell also offers an array of other benefits, such as personalized health coaching, weekly fruit and vegetable deliveries, and organized walking.

Solid results: LiveWell awards credits for preventive screenings, such as prostate-cancer tests. As a result of such a test, a Saint-Gobain employee’s cancer was detected early, and he was treated successfully.