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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 1926
Industry: Professional services

RSM US LLP Philadelphia

Paul Marvel
Philadelphia Market Managing Partner

Committing to wellness:
RSM US LLP Philadelphia started a wellness program to increase engagement and help employees give more thought to their health. “When work extends to late nights and into weekends, it is often hard to find time to eat right, exercise daily and proactively manage a sufficient work-life balance,” says Paul Marvel, RSM’s managing partner for the Philadelphia market. “We wanted to provide resources to our employees that were easily accessible, frequent and relevant to their overall health.”

FUN FACT: To receive a Fitbit, RSM employees must show that they have participated in three wellness activities of their choice.

Special perks: RSM’s wellness initiatives cater to the different interests of its employees, in an effort to make sure everyone can participate. The firm’s program includes discounts for gym memberships and fitness classes, in-office corporate yoga sessions, seminars on healthy eating, and free fruit every Wednesday. In addition, RSM has launched Fitbit step challenges, with prizes such as headphones and gift cards given out to the winners.

Solid results: Participants in yoga classes and seminars on healthy eating have consistently given high survey ratings to those events. “For the yoga events that we held, 100 percent of employees said they would attend this particular wellness session again in the future,” says Marvel.