Public Health Management Corporation

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 1972
Industry: Nonprofit

Public Health Management Corporation

Richard J. Cohen, Ph.D., FACHE
President and CEO

Committing to wellness: Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) is a nonprofit public health institute, so creating a wellness program for its employees made sense. The PHMC headquarters encourage movement through open workspaces, centralized copiers and printers, treadmill workstations and a center staircase between floors. “Placing real value on employee experience and well-being is a critical strategy for creating a healthier workplace that yields so many important interpersonal, cultural and business dynamics,” says Richard J. Cohen, president and CEO of PHMC.

FUN FACT: As a result of taking PHMC fitness classes and improving her diet, one employee was able to reduce her prescriptions for diabetes from three to two.

Special perks: PHMC Walks is a program that encourages staff to walk with colleagues. “Championed by program ambassadors at each location, the program is a true grassroots effort at our satellite locations and uses positive peer influence to encourage team members to take a break from their work,” says Cohen. “Ultimately, we expect to roll out PHMC Walks across our entire enterprise, touching more than 2,500 staff.”

Solid results: After the first year of PHMC’s wellness program, 10 people have completed the nonprofit’s diabetes prevention programs, walking clubs have been started at three offsite locations, and several employees are attempting to quit smoking.