Philadelphia Gas Works

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 1836
Industry: Energy/Utilities

Philadelphia Gas Works

Lorraine Webb
Vice President of Human Resources

Committing to wellness: After becoming self-insured in 2012, Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) started a wellness program to reduce healthcare costs. The program also serves as a recruiting tool. As a municipal utility, PGW is subject to a residency requirement, which can make hiring a challenge. “Having low-contribution benefit plans as well as a robust wellness program that offers on-site mini-gyms, fitness classes and nutrition counseling often helps to attract the talent we need,” says Lorraine Webb, vice president of human resources at PGW.

FUN FACT: In fiscal 2015 alone, PGW provided 430 flu shots to employees.

Special perks: PGW’s most successful programs include on-site nutrition counseling, a farm-to-work program and potluck challenges. In the fall of 2015, a wellness copay incentive program was negotiated into the utility’s collective bargaining agreement. Employees who complete certain activities during the wellness year will benefit from a reduced primary care copay the following year. In the spring of 2014, PGW launched a softball league, which has grown from 60 to 120 employees since its inception.

Solid results: For fiscal year 2015, participants in PGW’s wellness program on average used 3.3 fewer sick days than their fellow employees. At the same time, the program has helped promote interaction between different levels of the company. “Our Latin dance class, for example, consists of approximately 20 employees, from both the union and management,” says Webb. “This means a vice president could be dancing with an entry-level customer service rep or laborer, all in the name of fun, health and fitness.”