Omni Cable

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Location: West Chester, PA
Founded: 1977
Industry: Cable and wiring company

Omni Cable

Jeffrey Siegfried

Committing to wellness: Healthy and fit employees are less likely to get sick, and they have higher energy levels, says Jeffrey Siegfried, CEO of Omni Cable. That’s why the company decided to embrace wellness. “It was a no-brainer to begin the steps of building a gym and hiring a fitness manager to keep motivating our company to stay healthy,” says Siegfried. Since taking those steps, Omni Cable has seen employees become more engaged and take their health more seriously.

FUN FACT: A boxing instructor and yoga instructor visit the Omni Cable office once a week to offer classes.

Special perks: Omni Cable’s most unique benefit is access to a fitness trainer and manager at all times of the day. Employees have the opportunity to ask any health, fitness or general questions as they come up. The company’s trainer will customize workout programs for each employee, and help with healthier food options. In the past, Omni Cable has offered a 21-Day Fix weight loss challenge where all participants had to lose as much weight as possible in 21 days while following a special workout program. Some 40 employees participated and, as a whole, lost 158.5 pounds.

Solid results: Since building Omni Fitness at the Omni Cable headquarters, the company has seen more than half of its employees enroll as gym members. “When we offer company-wide weight-loss challenges, we typically have more than 25 percent of the company participate,” says Siegfried.