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Location: Conshohocken, PA
Founded: 2005
Industry: Healthcare


Sam Wolf
Founder and Chief Wellness Spreader

Committing to wellness: LuckyVitamin offers wellness products, including supplements and health foods, so it made sense for the company to encourage a healthy lifestyle among its employee population as well. “In addition to what the program offers in regards to physical and mental wellness, it also helps instill new information that can be shared with customers,” says Sam Wolf, founder and chief wellness spreader at LuckyVitamin.

FUN FACT: LuckyVitamin’s accounting department organized a full-company bake sale whose proceeds benefited Easter Seals, a nonprofit supporting special-needs individuals.

Special perks: The LuckyVitamin wellness program offers something for everyone, says Wolf, “whether you choose to be part of our own walking or running group, or take on a hardcore class with the Conshohocken Fitness Club, enjoy a book club evening, meditation and journaling, or sign up for a local charity event.” Perhaps the most unique aspect of LuckyVitamin’s program is that employees tend to take charge of wellness-themed activities. For example, the company’s office manager leads the walking group and stretching class.

Solid results: The program has helped LuckyVitamin boost employee engagement and retention. “What is really thrilling is to see someone who has never tried a yoga class and is now participating routinely,” says Wolf.