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Location: Ambler, PA
Founded: 1916
Industry: Nonprofit

Liberty Lutheran

Luanne Fisher, Ph.D.
President and CEO

Committing to wellness: Started in 2006, Liberty Lutheran’s Wellness Works program is staffed with a team of full-time, degreed wellness coaches who help employees strengthen seven aspects of health: physical, financial, spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual and environmental. Wellness Works includes a walking challenge, sponsor-a-smoker campaign, stress management exercises, financial fitness workshops and many other activities.

FUN FACT: Participants in Liberty Lutheran’s wellness program achieved a collective weight loss of more than 800 pounds last year.

Special perks: To keep its employees engaged in disease prevention and health management throughout the year, Liberty Lutheran has implemented a 24/7 health portal. The nonprofit has also instituted a bonus structure that allows employees to earn points — which ultimately convert to dollars — for engaging in wellness challenges, attending educational demonstrations, reading health news, participating in 12-week behavioral classes and completing preventive exams. Points can add up to a $350 reward annually.

Solid results: Participation in Liberty Lutheran’s wellness program has grown from 42 percent to almost 83 percent since its inception. For the whole workforce, blood pressure and cholesterol are 38 percent and 14 percent below the national average, respectively. Tobacco use is 5 percent below the national average, with an average of 12 employees a year reducing or abandoning their smoking habit.