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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 1832
Industry: Financial services

Janney Montgomery Scott LLC

Tim Scheve

Committing to wellness: “We have a self-funded health plan, so we know that our costs are driven by our employees’ use of the plan. In reviewing our claims experience, we saw employees were just not taking very good care of themselves,” says Tim Scheve, CEO of Janney Montgomery Scott LLC. “We wanted to help our employees focus on their health and overall well-being.” The firm decided to launch a wellness program that would offer enough variety to be appropriate for all the various employee age groups, including those in their 70s and older.

FUN FACT: Both male and female employees at Janney receive four paid weeks of leave after a birth or adoption, in addition to the firm’s standard maternity leave.

Special perks: Janney’s wellness program encourages drug compliance by offering preventive medications at zero cost to members. Through its wellness partner, Health Advocate, Janney provides health-coaching services to employees and their families. Coaches work with employees to help them establish a healthy routine or just get over a specific obstacle. Janney also offers an emergency medical fund that employees can turn to for assistance if they face steep bills.

Solid results: One Janney employee discovered during a biometric screening that some of her numbers were significantly out of range. She called her doctor, who found that her liver function had been compromised due to overuse of acetaminophen. Without the screening, the employee would have been at risk of acute liver failure.