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Location: Exton, PA
Founded: 1995
Industry: Technology


Tim Wallace

Committing to wellness: “Like most companies, we were faced with high healthcare premiums and high claims utilization. We also wanted to encourage individuals to focus on improving their health,” says Tim Wallace, CEO of iPipeline. “As a result, we formed a wellness committee more than five years ago, and the incremental results have had a significant impact on company health costs and the attitude of our employees.”

FUN FACT: IPipeline’s director of global security at its UK office successfully completed the Marathon Des Sables through the Sahara desert, a 156-mile run.

Special perks: IPipeline’s wellness program promotes employee health through a variety of activities and initiatives, including health fairs, nutritious food options, an in-house fitness facility, the availability of bikes, bi-annual blood drives, and cost coverage for employee participation in distance runs. “The overall impact has been positive, and the employee population now has an intense focus on optimizing their health,” says Wallace. “This translates into happy, healthy individuals at iPipeline.”

Solid results: IPipeline has seen its healthcare claims drop by approximately 20 percent, and its premium declined about 15 percent. “In addition to these operational savings, we now have individuals who are focused on eating right and exercising before work, during lunch or after hours,” says Wallace.