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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 2004
Industry: Digital agency

Delphic Digital

Mark Patten
Founding Partner

Committing to wellness:
After performing extensive research on workplace wellness programs, Delphic Digital decided starting such a program would be a good way to improve employees’ quality of life, as well as boost productivity and profitability. “We wanted to provide our employees with a positive, healthy work environment while also establishing an overall positive, healthy office culture,” says Mark Patten, founding partner of Delphic Digital. “To achieve optimal employee participation, we crafted our wellness program using our employees’
ideas and input.”

FUN FACT: Delphic Digital strives to create a dog-friendly office environment, and encourages walking meetings.

Special perks: Delphic Digital’s program entails free weekly yoga classes, nutritious snack options and sit/stand desks. The agency also worked with the owner of its building to install two bike racks close to its office entrance, making it easier for bike commuters to park safely. “We are so pleased to foster an environment where employees are able to cycle to work without worrying about their wheels once they get here,” says Patten.

Solid results: “Once a fun, supportive fitness environment was established within the company culture, our employees began to seek out more team fitness activities together,” says Patten. For example, Delphic Digital’s director of web development recently convinced several of his co-workers to join him in an offsite boot-camp class. In addition, all of Delphic Digital’s employees have elected to use a sit/stand desk.