Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 1988
Industry: Healthcare

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Nancy Hesse
Interim CEO

Committing to wellness: The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) wellness program is based on the wants and needs expressed by employees, and defined by seven dimensions: physical, social, spiritual, financial, emotional, professional and mental. “In addition to fitness, nutrition and mental wellness, CTCA caters to our stakeholders’ peaceful spirit even in the face of working with critically ill patients,” says interim CEO Nancy Hesse. 

FUN FACT: After attending boot camp class for two years, one of CTCA’s employees has lost more than 60 pounds.

Special perks: Employees have access to a walking path where they can exercise during their break or after work, and a room that contains massage chairs and aromatherapy to help them unwind after dealing with the loss of a patient or a tough day. Each employee receives $600 annually to purchase nutritional supplements, and the CTCA wellness team offers pedometers and Fitbits at a discounted price for employees to monitor their steps. Many of these benefits are available to employees’ family members as well.

Solid results: CTCA’s WorkerBee Walking Club currently has 260 members. Ninety employees are participating in the company’s current weight-loss challenge — with a total of 140 pounds lost — and 250 Fitbits have been purchased.