Aria Health

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 1903
Industry: Healthcare, nonprofit

Aria Health

Dorina Carolina
Chief Human Resources Officer

Committing to wellness: Aria Health is the largest healthcare provider in Northeast Philadelphia and Lower Bucks County. With three community hospitals and a strong network of outpatient centers and primary care physicians, Aria follows a longstanding tradition of advanced medicine and personal care. Aria Health’s first nutrition and wellness program began in 1988 as a weight-loss initiative and spread from there into fitness programs, cardiac rehab, counseling, community support and health fairs. “Our goal was to provide and support health and wellness as well as community outreach,” says Dorinda Carolina, chief human resources officer at Aria Health.

FUN FACT: Aria Health provides supermarket tours, during which participants learn how to use food labels and ingredient lists to evaluate different foods.

Special perks: “Aria has a long tradition of making disease prevention and health promotion accessible and appealing to its patients, families and community by providing a variety of dedicated programs,” says Carolina. Aria’s offerings include fitness and group exercises, counseling on nutrition and weight loss, and disease management.

Solid results:Our programs have significantly grown over the years,” says Carolina. “To say that there is one unique benefit or feature would be to limit the success we have had within our community and its growing diabetic patient population.”