American Heritage Federal Credit Union

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 1948
Industry: Nonprofit, financial services

American Heritage Federal Credit Union

Bruce K. Foulke
President and CEO

Committing to wellness: American Heritage Federal Credit Union (American Heritage FCU) implemented its wellness program in 2009, calling it “C U Change… Investing in Ourselves.” “With the rising cost of healthcare, it is important to keep our employees healthy,” says Bruce K. Foulke, American Heritage FCU’s president and CEO. “As such, we set out to establish a healthy and fun work environment through our wellness program.”

FUN FACT: All participants in “Losers R Winners” are eligible to win a $150 Whole Foods gift card.

Special perks: American Heritage FCU offers an on-site smoking-cessation program hosted by one of its HR representatives, who has become a certified smoking-cessation facilitator through the American Lung Association. The program includes six weeks of coaching by the facilitator and company-paid nicotine replacement products. It has already helped several employees quit. Also, employees who elect medical coverage through American Heritage FCU and self-identify as tobacco users are charged an additional 10 percent of the premium for their single medical coverage.

Solid results: For the last five years, American Heritage FCU has hosted a 10-week weight loss program called “Losers R Winners.” “We are excited to say that over the years, participants in the program have lost a total of more than 1,000 pounds,” says Foulke.