CoreDial, LLC

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Location: Blue Bell, PA
Founded: 2005
Industry: Software, unified communications

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CoreDial, LLC

Alan Rihm


CoreDial, LLC uses its software and services to help other companies sell, deliver, manage and invoice for cloud communication services. One of the key elements of the business and its growth have been its partnerships. CoreDial has adopted a policy of seeking out quality partners and customers to improve the effectiveness of its sales. In addition to being discerning about choosing partners, CoreDial has also worked to improve its software, services, onboarding and training to better support those partners.

QUICK TIP:  “By having open discussions, we empowered and encouraged everyone in the business to speak up and help to influence our path forward.”

One of the biggest transitions the company has undergone was changing from a direct sales strategy to an indirect one. After making that decision, CoreDial faced the challenge of aligning the culture of the company to support its overarching vision. Its main tool in accomplishing this was Jim Collins’ book Good to Great. Every member of the staff was encouraged to read the book and contribute to the creation of a “hedgehog strategy” for the company. “The concept is that you should focus on and determine what are you deeply passionate about, what you can be the best in the world at, and what drives your economic engine,” says CEO Alan Rihm. In accordance with this, leadership and employees alike discussed the shared vision of CoreDial, and how it needed to support the goals of each employee.