Veltri Inc.

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Anthony J. Veltri headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Levittown, PA
Founded: 1973
Industry: Trucking
Generations: 2

Category: Medium

Veltri Inc.

Anthony J. Veltri

The founding principles of Veltri Inc. were to show up and be on time, says president Anthony J. Veltri. As the company has evolved, its values have as well, and things like communication, safety, and going above and beyond have become integral parts of life at Veltri Inc. In fact, Veltri says these core values have helped the company grow and prosper in both good times and bad.

Though the next generation isn’t yet old enough to join the company, Veltri says that if his children, nieces or nephews are interested in coming on board, he would require that they gain experience with another company first. What’s more, Veltri says he would interview family members as though they were strangers, and be sure to start them off in an entry-level position.

Fun Fact: Veltri has a degree in music composition and played keyboard in a cover band with his daughter.

“Our culture has helped us maintain a family atmosphere. Everyone knows that they are an important piece of the puzzle,” says Veltri. To create this culture, Veltri Inc. makes its employees feel comfortable enough to ask for help and communicate.

Veltri’s vision for his company’s legacy is simple and clear: “To treat my customers with the dignity and respect that I always saw as a young man working with my father, and to treat our employees like our customers.”