Translogistics, Inc.

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Scott McDevitt headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Birdsboro, PA
Founded: 1994
Industry: Transportation, 3PL, logistics service provider
Generations: 2

Category: Medium

Translogistics, Inc.

Scott McDevitt
President and CEO

When Translogistics, Inc. was founded, president and CEO Scott McDevitt based its principles on Christian ideals like integrity. “If we make a mistake, like everyone does, we own up to it and we make it right, no matter what it takes,” says McDevitt. The company also relies on its four pillars of professionalism: accountability, people skills, communication skills and attitude.

Two of McDevitt’s sons have joined Translogistics, but the company doesn’t have any specific process for bringing family on board. His oldest son, Scott, started in customer service to learn the business, and then moved into sales. McDevitt’s other son, Ben, joined the company right out of high school and discovered an immediate interest in the IT department.

 Quick Tip: “Make sure you take time to stop and just look around, and be grateful for all that you have.”

“When I founded the company, I wanted it to be a place where people could work hard enjoying what they were doing, and then are rewarded for it,” says McDevitt. In line with this, McDevitt created a profit-sharing program that has helped increase Translogistics’ bottom line.

“I want Translogistics to be known as a place where people are valued and not just a number or object. Where our customers are valued, our suppliers are valued,” says McDevitt. The company works to make sure people are heard and that they can be open with their challenges.